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Bonuses and Rewards at Online Casinos

The most striking aspect of online casinos is undoubtedly the bonuses and rewards they give. Bonuses are the biggest sine qua non factor for both the players and the continuity of the casinos. Bonuses and Rewards at Online Casinos may vary depending on the casino, but in general they may be the same. Although the content is the same, there are differences in the proportions and percentages. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the cycle conditions of these bonuses may also be different.

Online Casino Bonuses

The casino bonus types that we have listed below can be considered as stereotypical bonus types. It is one of the types of bonuses that can be found in many online casinos.

Deposit Bonus

Although the Welcome Bonus is given with different names, such as New Player Bonus, its content is almost the same. It is a type of bonus given to the first balance loading. Sometimes the bonus rates can go up to 100%. In some casinos, a bonus is given to the first deposit, while in most casinos this continues constantly. There may be periods when you can earn a bonus on every deposit.

Percentage Deposit Bonus

We can also call it the bread, meatball bonus, which means that you can earn a bonus at certain percentage rates in exchange for the amount you deposit into your account (it can also be within certain limits set by the casino. For example: It may be valid for those who deposit at least 500$). Let's assume that the casino's percentage deposit bonus is 20%, if you deposit 500 $, you can win 100 $ of it as a bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

The No Deposit bonus, known as the prepaid bonus, is one of the most actively used bonus types of many casinos.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty works everywhere, and at casinos loyal players and members are always rewarded with bonuses. The player's money loading limits, playing time and many actions within the casino are rewarded with a loyalty bonus.

Reload bonus

It is a type of bonus given for the purpose of encouraging members to re-load the balance to their accounts. The most frequent beneficiaries of these bonuses are the players who constantly deposit money into their casino accounts.

Friend recommendation bonus

If you recommend the casino to your friends and enable them to become a member of the casino and participate in the games, you can earn a referral bonus at certain rates. It is one of the classic bonuses of all online casinos.

Loss bonus (Payback Bonus)

The loss bonus, which is valid in some games, is given with different percentages depending on the odds in the game, the amount wagered. Thanks to this bonus, you can minimize your losses. Lost bonuses are ranked first among the players' favorite casino bonus types.

Free Trial Bonus

It is one of the bonuses that cannot be converted. Usually, cycling is not allowed. It is given to try out the games, get used to the casino and provide motivation.

Payment method bonus

The more paying options casinos offer, the higher the participation. This option is very important for casinos. Paid payouts In addition to fast and easy payment methods such as crypto money, Skrill, Ecopayz, Money Order, western union, swift, etc., casinos that use methods such as money order, give extra bonuses to members who choose the most suitable payment method for them.

Online Casino Awards

There are times when online casinos motivate players not only with bonuses, but also by giving prizes. Casino rewards are usually revealed in multiplayer games. For example, in Poker competitions, valuable prizes are presented from one of them and the motivation of the players is provided. Sometimes these prizes can be a cash prize, sometimes a vacation in a luxury hotel, sometimes a luxury car or a valuable gift. In order to participate in the award-winning games, of course, you need to be a little professional about the games. You must comply with the conditions for participation in the games.

The Advantages of Bonuses and Rewards at Online Casinos

We want to address this issue from a different direction. Bonuses and Rewards in Online Casinos provide advantages to the player and the casino. We will consider them individually in the form of short headings:

The Advantages of Casino Bonuses and Rewards for the Player:

* Provides motivation, aims to participate in multiple games and minimize the loss

* Turns free and easy activities in your favor as a bonus (such as a friend recommendation bonus)

• Thanks to some bonuses, he spends more time at the casino (For example, the loyalty bonus)

The Advantages of Casino Bonuses and Rewards for the Casino:

• More bonuses means more players and more wins

* Creates an interactive bond with the players. There is constant action and functioning in the casino

* Provides higher returns than the return of bonuses

• He can get a refund of a given bonus more than enough (Example: A reload bonus)

* Provides faster cash flow to the cash register (Example: Pay-in bonus)


As a result, Casino bonuses provide many benefits for both parties.


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